Kris Wins!

  1. Kris Wins!

    Hey guys, just got back home from the fights.

    Man what a weekend!
    ill start witht he fight

    I thought the guy was going to be taller than me, and i hate sparring with taller guys so i had planned
    on just taking him down and finishing from there, but i met him and he was maybe a half inch taller.

    Also i weighed in at 195, i was supposed to be 185, but he agreed to fight me, so whatever, that was my first time
    trying to cut that much..

    I Coiuld tell he was a little scared of me, not sure if it was the weight difference or just how confident i was. We both made our
    entrances, and i was lucky to come out last. I got in there and was ready to go.. first thing i noticed how he stood.. like a boxer with alot of weight on his front foot.

    We came out and i put out my hand to touch gloves.. We touched up and i started off with a couple hard legs kicks that he didnt move to block. From then on i knew it was in the books. When someone hits you twice and your dont respond you are beaten already...

    The standup was really good, i went the full 3 rounds mainly cause i wanted more time to showcase my talents, as this card will be on PPV and DVD, as well the promoter for my next show was ringside.
    I could have finished him on the feet, or on the ground, but in ever rouind, i took him down and mounted him. He gave up his back a bunch of times, but i didnt try to choke him more than once, i was happy to sit on his chest or back and keep hitting him in the face.

    He came out in the third and looked like he was ready to jump out of the ring, looked beaten and gassed out hard. I felt fresh still. Itgs nice to be able to really go after someone after 2 hard rounds. cardio is like a secret weapon

    anyways, im a little marked up, my nose bled like a sieve the entire match, but im used to face is a little swollen, and my elbows too from catching shots. But i basically executed my gameplan perfectly,, ifeel great!

    Got another one in about 5 1/2 weeks, im taking some time off to get in the gym and lose some fat before that one.. i dont htink ill take it unless im 195 BEFORE i start cutting weight.

  2. Oh yeah, the promoter gave us both a bonus for putting on the fight of the night. The show was really well put on, UFC vet Bill "the butcher" Mahood was the main promoter, and he had food for us after the weigh ins, a catered meal after the fights, had us in a really nice hotel. We were well taken care of.. i cant wait to fight for him again!

  3. Can't ask for anything better then that. Except finishing your opponent. Good luck in your next fight. What was the main event on that card?

  4. Main event was Gideon Ray vs Chris Fontaine.. really good fight!
    Ray ended up winning via tko strikes i think
  5. Thumbs up

    Congrats man, your AM bros are proud of you! Sounds like a great fight, must be nice to get a Griffin/Bonnar comparison. All that training paid off. So if the fight's on DVD, will you get a copy? Rip it, compress it, and post it so we can see it too! When is it on PPV? Great job, time to celebrate!

  6. PPV will be some time next year unfortunately, but when i get the dvd ill post it up for shizzle

    Got a bunch of pics ill post in the pics section

  7. Good job Kris!!!!


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