Legend's Match: Sakuraba vs. Shamrock-you make the call!

  1. Talking Legend's Match: Sakuraba vs. Shamrock-you make the call!

    The next pride event coming up looks pretty decent. The main event is Shamrock vs. Saku, which in my opinion is kind of a weak main event(by pride standards). Still should be pretty interesting match-up and I'm taking Saku by submission. What do you guys think?

    p.s. I am looking extremely forward to the Kharitonov vs. Werdum fight. Kharitonov by brutal beatdown.

  2. I love to watch Saku so I will cheer for him. It will be interesting to see if he changes his style any since he had been training in brazil.

  3. saku hands down

  4. Saku-Ken may seem relatively weak to peeps in N.A. but Saku is a huge huge draw in Japan. Its the perfect fight for him. Not a serious fight to establish ranking but another legend and a big name in his own right.

    I don't see Saku winning this one, unless Ken ****s up like he did with Franklin.

  5. Yeah, no doubt Saku is probably the biggest draw in Japan(maybe Yoshida) I just wish this fight would've gone down 5 years ago. Still should be a great fight that could go either way.

  6. It serves little purpose for either win or lose. But maybe thats why they are matched up. I would've prefered to see Coleman-Shamrock or Shamrock-Couture.

    Saku/Yoshida/Ogawa are big draws and therefore necessary to make events a success. Just take comfort that Pride aren't pulling their Giant Silva stunts recently unlike UFC who brought in Gannon.

  7. Yeah Gannon is a joke, as was the last UFC event. Pride is clearly the better organization in every way but they are still pulling the Giant Silva like stunts. Sentoryu is fighting again, the guy he's fighting (Zuluzhino) I've heard some good things about but he is probably another freak show. The guy James Thompson is fighting looks to be another freak show. But who cares when you got Shammy vs Saku, Sergei vs Werdum, Crocop vs Barnett, and Ninja and Rampage fighting in seperate matches. Now I can't wait! War Kharitonov!

  8. oops I forgot about Zulu/Sentoryu. Well at least they are better than G.Silva.

    And I can't agree more that Pride at least has 3-4 very good matches and the last Bushido was ridiculously stacked. The last UFC had zero. It must've been the first UFC which I skipped and did not bother even to download.

  9. Man, I finally got to watch Pride 30 last night and it was a big dissapointment. Kharitonov looked like ****(I think he was injured),Shammy vs. Saku was stopped prematurely as was Zulu vs. Sentoryu. Cro-Barnett was decent, and Rampage and Ninja had good fights, but overall it was a dissapointment. Still way better then UFC 55.


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