It Begins.. the fight prep NHA cycle.

  1. It Begins.. the fight prep NHA cycle.

    I fight on the 15th of october at 185lbs in the XFC in prince george BC

    It will be my second fight, my first was at a soft 205.

    I have been dieting and lifting hard in preperation of the next 3 weeks.

    I spent last week at my old club (of 8 months ago) just to test myself and
    how far i have come. I was content with the level of experience and tech
    i have gained.

    3000 Calories ED, 40/40/20
    Hopefully no more than 2 shakes per day, all food from tuna, chicken, brown rice
    wheat bread, yogurt, cottage cheese.

    Training. 4 days a week morning fasted cardio for 30 mins
    4 days a week MMA training, night and day classes, including cardio

    I will stop lifting, i wont gain or lose anything significant in 3 weeks i feel.

    Sleep... as much as humanly possible.


    Ultra HOTTer - 3 caps at night
    Lean Xtreme - 3 caps spaced out
    GXR - night, before morning cardio, post workout
    Cissus RX - 2 AM, 2 Pre workout (new formula)
    Fish Oil - 8g ED
    Lecithin - 15g ED
    Zinc - 25mg at night
    cAMPED - pre workout/ 4 hours later or preworkout again at night

    I have some CEX that is kicking around, you guys think it would be worth adding? i have heard
    creatine makes it hard to lose fat.. if so its out for sure.

    Anyways, i will be logging cals and energy expend daily, as i will have nothing better to do
    I will not be working at a "job" during this fight prep, as i want to smash the guy im fighting (nothing personal)

    I will post measurments tommorow.

    peace for now
    comments or questions welcome.

  2. I will not be working at a "job" during this fight prep, as i want to smash the guy im fighting (nothing personal)
    That's so cool that you can do that, complete focus. And holy ****, you're dropping down to 185! That's good, a 185 opponent should feel a little easier to handle. Wow, watch your joints with that stack (UH and LX), but I guess the Cissus and fish oil should help. Push yourself hard the next couple of weeks so you can ramp down the last week. Good luck!

  3. First workout at new gym today, just an informal tech session with a few guys for about an hour.
    Nice gym.. big octagon cage to work in, very sweet. Jigsaw mats, which arnt as nice as wrestling mats but whatever.

    After wrestling with my old coaches in nanaimo who are freakin tanks, i was dissapointed to find no one as strong as them, but that will change monday when i meet the whole crew.

    Last night, i hooked up with an old freind i havent seen for a long time, consequently had a couple beers and a couple shots. Ended up back at her place till about 2... didnt get enough sleep. Especially considering the night before i only got like 5 hours.

    Still have to find a scale..

    On the plus side, im feeling very pumped from the GXR, nothing to notice yet from the other stuff. Think i should add in the CEX for a couple weeks?

  4. The CEX is kind of a double edged sword, isn't it? Should help with strength, but at the expense of extra weight, even if it's water/glycogen in muscle... You could take it for a couple of weeks, but I'd think you'd want it out by weigh-in. I thought I've read that it takes around a month to 'deplete' creatine stores...bump for better info!

  5. I think ill leave the CEX alone for now.

    Weighed in at 223 tonight.. holy i hope im 10lbs less tommorow morning.

    Will weigh in again and do measurements tommorow morning.

    Will do yoga tonight.

  6. Weighed in at 215 this morning, popped at GXR and went on a 30 min brisk walk.

    Today will be a day off, tommorow the hard training starts.

  7. Weighed in at 215 again
    Im afraid im going to have to cut mad water to fight.. i never thought i would weigh this much starting my fight prep.. serioiusly i eat under maintanence all the time, but can never seem to lose weight.
    Well theres jack **** i can do about it except work my ass off.

    Did the morning walk again, starting tommorow i will be going to the gym and hitting the elliptical instead, i would like to know that my HR is where its supposed to be for the cardio.

    I have a 3 hour workout coming up in an hour. Condiitoning, wrestling, MMA
    fun fun fun, my first training session with the whole crew. Hopefully i can represent.

    forgot to take measurments again, bah!

  8. Oh man im sore.

    there is this guy at the gym nicknamed "the matrix" anyways hes like 230 ripped. HITS LIKE A FREAKIN MACK TRUCK.

    Good session, lots of cardio and sparring, got some more info on the guy im fighting, hes tall and lanky, so i can adjust my gameplan accordingly.

    Im pretty sure im better than him at all aspects of the game, so that takes some weight off my shoulders

    Just a note, i upped the dose to 4 caps a night of UHer. Havent really noticed anything from it yet.

  9. Tendonitis has come back in a MAJOR way the last couple days, it was starting to peek its head out last week, and its full bore now.

    I wish i had never run out of cissus!

    So i have upped dose to 6 caps ED, 3 pre workout, 2 post workout, and 1 at night
    Also will be taking ibuprofen until cissus fully kicks in.

    I feel pumped all the time, especially after meals, i think GXR is the main factor here.. i seriously like this stuff!

    Feel less catabolic, and less stressed.. thanks to LX, sleep has been good, recovery pretty decent so far.

    I weighed in at 212 today after cardio.

    Diet is going well, everything is falling into place, and to top it off, i have another fight lined up for late november, the guy im going to be fighting is supposed to be very tough and strong, should be a good test.

  10. We have a guy who hits like that (the matrix dude), he's cut down to 205 from 230. Going 'light' must be a relative term - sometimes when he catches me, I see purple and forget where I am for a second, lol.

    If your tendons are hurting too much, you may want to cut down the LX and UH a little until the cissus kicks in. Did you ever have joint/tendon probs when you were using the 7-OH?

    So the guy you're fighting is tall and lanky? Watch that reach!

  11. Never really had joint problems on the PFO LX, but i wasnet using a estrogen reducer at the same time. I am definately feeling some tenderness in the elbow joints.
    I will see how tommorows session goes with a little ibuprofen to help.

    Dude, i was "going light" with matrix, and just about got dropped like 3 times.. not from lack of defence on my part, it was just that he hits so hard it goes right through my gloves. He liked to pin me against the cage and make me cry with body shots.. i have a feeling ill be sparring with him tommorow.

    Plan with my fight will be takedown and either submission or GnP. I wont have any of the standup with that kind of reach disadvantage. Other than maybe some kicks to soften him up. I will play my counterpunching game until i see a takedown opening.
    As a bonus, there is a guy i just started training with who is about an inch or 2 taller than me, and we spar well together.. have similar skill bases. So he will be a great training parter i think

    In supplement news. Well i seem to be recovering quickly, my conditioning is miles better than i thought it was, so thats a bonus, I really feel pumped all the time and my test levels feel good.. feel very confident all the time, libido is definately up.
    The big thing between this and last fight prep will probably come down to diet and cardio, as funny as it may be.
    I really hope i can drop some pounds quickly. cutting weight is no fun.

    On the downside, i have some rugburn on my knees and elbows from rolling on gymnastics mats, and it has made it so when i roll, i bleed.... so im giving it the rest of the week off rolling, which sucks. but it has to heal totally or will just keep bugging me.

    Im broke, so im glad im staying with my parents right now , i will be grabbing some celadrin as soon as i get some moolah

  12. Aggravated an old ankle injury today while sparring, it rolled breifly.

    Following RICE right now, will probably have to take the rest of the week off real training, just do more moderate cardio i guess.

    Yeah injurys suck ass.

  13. Wow your on alot of supps. Sorry to hear about the tendonitis and ankle injury.

  14. Thanks for your words of concern, i have been feeling depressed the last couple of days due to the injury

    Ankle is on the mend, is feeling quite a bit better, i went and did fasted elliptical this morning for about 35 mins, it still was painfull but i can walk like normal now at least. No more limping

    Im hoping the tendonitis will resolve it self and be a non issue from here on out. I will go lift tonight and see how the shoulder feels.

  15. Ok

    Havent updated due to not much happening

    Ankle is on the mend, will be back training monday, i have done a assload of cardio the last couple days to help cut down, not sure what i weigh, but im looking leaner, and still have 2 weeks to cut another couple lbs.

    I think im around 210, so if i lose another 5 of fat ill be happy for sure, ill still have to cut 20.. but hey life suxs, get used to it

    Had a couple freinds and training partners fight in KOTC last night, Mike "crunchtime" Newton, fought this chump from sask, elmer waterhen.. and by some FREAK accident LOST
    The dude was on his heels the first 30 sconds, i thought he was gonna run out of the ring he looked so scared. Then he landed a low knee on mike, they fell to the ground, mike started to sweep him and the ref jumped in thinking mike was out or some such ****.

    Anyways, lots of fights, most of them were 1 sided unfortunately, the main event had john "the natural" allesio fight some dude, good fight RUINED by stupid fans who didnt appreciated teh technical battle they were witnessing.
    There were a bunch of *******s jumping on the bleachers and booing and ****.. totally ridiculous.

    Anyways all of this coming week i will be training from 12-3 doing cardio and fight specific stuff. Then again at 730-930 for jiu jitsu or muay thai. Then friday i leave for the weekend, while gone i will do slow fasted cardio in morning and stairs or sprints at night.

    Last training day monday or tuesday, wed i start cutting weight, with the major cutting day being friday. Then on saturday, i get to smash some dude.

    After seeing the quality of some of the fighters, and the supposed quality of my fighter, i feel pretty damn confident ill win by whatever i want.

    Oh yeah, i lifted friday, strength was the same or better than last time i lifted.. so the supps and diet is obviously working.

  16. No surprises about the quality of the KOTC promotion. The best thing is when they tell you at the event that your opponent cancelled 4 weeks ago and you won't be fighting.

    Hopefully you can cut a few more lbs before dropping water weight. And since you're so confident you'll win will you take requests? I say pull guard and go for a gogopalata.

  17. LOL that would be the funniest **** man, i bet the guys in the crowd would be like,

    "why is his ankle over the other guys throat, id just stand up and punch him in the face. oh look hes tapping.."


    Trained hard today, did some good sparring after INTENSE cardio. Got my bell rung once. actually went down too.. that kinda sucked, but in a fight i would have shot in and covered up till i was ok again.

    Got jiu jitsu tonight, should be good to get some rolling in, as i havent done much because of serious rug burn on my knees and elbows (from rolling on carpets sickos)

    yeah there were a WHOLE bunch of fights cancelled last minute, guys up from teh states and **** who got to watch.

    My fight card is already down from 19 - 13 fights.

    Also, my fight in november is confirmed, both of our bloodwork is in and done, and the contract will be coming soon, i think i actually get a payday on this one
    As a bonus, the promoter for my november fight will be there to watch me in 2 weeks.. no pressure hehe
    better make it look good, maybe my purse will go up.

    The bonus is im a pretty exciting fighter to watch, i dont lay and pray, i hate stalling in someones gaurd, in my gaurd ill work for **** constantly, i have good standup.. decent takedowns and takedown defence,

    Most of the fights i saw in KOTC.. majority of the guys didnt know how to escape mount or sidemount.. very sad.

  18. Oh i weighed in at 204 after todays class, with a shirt and shorts on, and a meal in my belly a couple hours earlier

  19. Went to the jiu jitsu class last night and got some good hard rolling in.
    Weighed in at 208 after than, was 209 today after class.. stupid water

    Had MMA class today, my face and head is full of lumps from the instructor pounding the crap out of me.

    Im tired and sore, i cant wait for this week to be over.. then it willl just be light sparring and sprints.

    Speaking of sprints, man my conditioning is very good right now, i pushed hard in the conditioning class, which meant i gassed faster when i rolled but i felt really good doing hard conditioning

    I was in instructors gaurd doing GnP, and i postured up to throw some shots and he nailed me right in my jaw, HARD.. it sucked


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