USP labs Supps and MMA

  1. USP labs Supps and MMA

    From what Ive read about their supplements they would be a good addition for anyone who competes seriously in MMA or Grappling. I rarely go a week without feeling somethings not right with my body. I hate having to take weeks off because I feel broken. Im also thinking their supps would be good for dropping some weight and not losing the strength that goes along with it.

    Ive also been thinking of using some natural analgesics. Anything to ease the pain without having to use an anti-inflamitory.

    Does anyone here have any experiences with what Im talking about?

  2. Dude i know exactly what your talking about.

    My first fight prep, i started at 225 and fought at 205. I did manage to lose weight down to about 212 then cut water, but i lost hella strength and muscle while doing so.

    Im currently on a fight prep to fight at 185, i dont even know how much i weigh right now, but more than 210.

    The biggest thing for me, was the joints as well as tendonitis i developed from training.
    Cissus saved my life last time, and again when i started lifting. Unfortunately im out for about a week now and my tendonitis is coming back.

    I Also like cAMPED (basically C2) lots of focus which helps in rolling and sparring, and has stuff in it to help preserve muscle and lower catabolism.

    So i would definately recommend C2 and Cissus RX as a regular supp regimen for when training lots, i will be adding lean xtreme and some other stuff so i can get cut as fast as possible.

  3. Thanks a lot. Thats the kind of feedback I was looking for. So when is your next competition that you need to be 185 for? Hopefully you have some time.

    I used to weigh around 255 and Im now down to around 231. Suprisingly I had been able to keep a lot of my strenght. Its these last 6 lbs that are killing me. As soon as I drop below 230 I lose both strength and explosive power. On the other hand Im happy that Im now starting to increase my strength after the initial loss from the large weight drop. I think I might even be stronger than the 255 me.

    Anyway, thanks for the info. Im gonna try some of those USP supps and see what they can do for me.

  4. Definitely get some Cissus, I can't tell you what a difference it makes. The downside is that when you run out you will know it. Your body needs the rest so taking time off is advisable, and I doubt your technique will suffer. Taking two weeks off should even affect your cardio. I plan on using 6 caps ED for a month while traning lightly, no weight lifting and probably 2 weeks off of grappling just to see if this stuff can actual heal some injuries.

  5. This is very exciting to hear. Faster recovery from battle wounds is always welcome with me.



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