Fight prep strategies

  1. Fight prep strategies

    Hey guys.. i have a MMA fight coming up
    october 15, this will be my second fight, i was just wondering
    if anyone had any good advice for fight prep.. this is what i am planning

    4 weeks out
    Technique, cardio, rolling and sparring seperately
    3 weeks out
    gauntlet, cardio, full sparring
    2 weeks out
    gauntlet, cardio, technique
    1 week out
    cardio, technique, light sparring
    2 days before.. do nothing
    3 days before, only cardio.. intense

    diet.. 3000kcal a day until last week

    For cardio, i will be doing HIIT for around 30 mins every day except lifting days
    i will be doing fat loss cardio on those days (moderate)

    gauntlet consists of going for rounds each of pad work, takedowns, rolling hard.
    one after another, until you cant go anymore, full sparring means full MMA sparring
    with sparring gloves on

    Dont know what my schedule will look like until late sept, when iget to my final training
    destination, as i am moving back home to train with a different club to prep for this.

    thougths or suggestions welcome.

  2. might be more help here.

  3. good call, thanks

  4. I think that looks good, that's more or less what the guys I train with do pre-fight. They tend to ramp up in intensity until the last 7-10 days before the fight and then start taking it lighter with more focus on technique and less taxing of the CNS. I'll only add that you can never be too conditioned, make sure you cover your bases, short explosive bursts, intervals, even some (maybe 1x week) long distance cardio. The gauntlet you describe should have you covered though. I know you're on a few supps, but are you taking CM? 3 grams pre-session seems to help me a lot with endurance. I tried 6 grams, but the pumps were a little counterproductive. Make sure you get plenty of sleep!

  5. Yeah i will probably be on ectotropin-6, i hear they sleep all the time on that stuff, and since i wont be working, ill be sleeping as much as i can.

    I definately agree with the conditioning statement.. especially after having to go 5 rounds in my first fight, i want to be in good enough shape to be able to go as hard as i can for 3 rounds.

    I will start loading CM the last week before the fight, as i dont have a whole lot, 6g a day, last dose about 20 mins before i fight.. i noticed that CM really helps the lactic acid buffering.. big time cardio helper. I just hope it wont be needed

  6. You're better off injecting 1.5g of Carnosine at least 45 mins prior to fighting. I've found that it reduces lactic acid build-up quite substantially. It's vastly superior to CM and I've found it improves my total cardio by up to 20%. I'd also avoid any cell volumizers as the pump they produce is counterproductive. It's also a good idea to not bathe at least 3 days prior to the event. You'll find that the build-up of body oils will really help you avoid sub attempts moreso than using lotions.

  7. Are you serious about the not bathing, have you done that before?

  8. Also where do you get injectable carnosine? i have tried to find carnitine as well with no results

  9. Even though not bathing for 3 days might sound unsanitary it helps out quite a bit. Lots of people try using lotions or creams but they are pretty easy to wipe off and tend to clog the pores. I've found that by not bathing for 3 days the oil builds up on the skin so after you start sweating it's quite slippery. It can't be rubbed off and it doesn't clog your pores so you don't overheat as with lotions.

    As for the L-carnosine, I just go with a bulk powder and make a suspension using sterile water and perhaps some BA at 1%. The solution tends to turn brown and kinda looks like heroin but it's still fine to use. An alternative might be to snort 1 gram or use it in a nasal spray but it makes me prone to nosebleeds so I prefer injection. Injecting carnitine is worthless and it burns quite a bit. People get the two confused, carnitine is used to for site fat reduction and does not reduce lactic acid burn or soreness.

  10. yeah i just heard that carnitine is good for fat loss, ill stay away from it i guess

    I think ill try the non bathing thing, i can definately understand the logic behind it!

    Thanks for the info on the carnosine, ill see if i can source some stuff locally to make the susp.

  11. One month out huh? good luck! Not working would definitely help. How many hours per day are you training? How did your first fight go?

  12. First fight was a 5 round war.. i ended up on the wrong side of mount in the 5th and was too gassed to do anything.. he jammed his elbow in my throat after trying to strike at me for a while and i tapped out of fear of injury. **** happens

    Im about 1 week into training, im currently at my old club just to get some good sparring in before i roll to my new club to begin training. So my schedule here has been kinda weird.
    I got here sunday and have had my ass worked off every day since. Tonight will be my last session before i head out to finish my fight prep in edmonton.

    I dont even know the shedule yet for the club there, but there are like 5 guys getting ready for fights right now, so im sure i will be training at least once a day plus fat loss cardio, and conditioning, i may have to cut back on lifting to one day a week.


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