1. 170!!

    With Nick Diaz being hand picked by GSP for his next fight I was wondering what ou guys thought.

    Should nick get the shot? What about rory vs nick and GSP vs Johnny kinda like a 4 man tournament.

  2. Nick last his last fight and was suspended afterwards. He does not deserve the next shot nor did he deserve a shot at all.
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  3. Agreed but GSP said he wants him and Dana whore said in an interview that he feels obligated to give him it.

  4. Dana says a lot. Until contracts are signed, it's just speculation. Nick has to be relicensed first.
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  5. Agreed.

  6. I like the 4 man tournament idea. I think Hendricks is much more deserving of the fight than Diaz, but would like to see GSP shut him up.
    Life's a garden, dig it

  7. I like the 4 tourn idea but we all know that would probably never happen.

    What do you think 155 now?

  8. Looks like an ok card. Interested to see if the first fight between JDS and Velasquez was a fluke
    Life's a garden, dig it

  9. I know that was a quick fight. I was expecting war and jds to take it down.

  10. Same here thought it was kind of a quick stoppage.
    Life's a garden, dig it

  11. Quote Originally Posted by niners4reggie View Post
    Same here thought it was kind of a quick stoppage.
    Cain was limp. It was far from a quick stoppage.
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  12. It was in no way a quick stoppage. Cain was not defending himself.

    If can cant get him down he is finished. I do think Cain will this time and GNP him out.

    I want to see Cain/Overeem anyway.
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  13. Ok I just watched it again. Cain was limp for a split sec and then came back to, but I will agree it was a good time to step in.
    Life's a garden, dig it


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