Predictions for UFC on Fox 2 (main card)

  1. Predictions for UFC on Fox 2 (main card)

    Demian Maia vs. Chris Weidman
    I see Demian Maia not only having the advantage on the ground, but ALSO on the feet. Maia has stated that he was training his stand up intensively for Bisping so when the fight changed on short notice all the work was pretty much in. I have been impressed by Maia’s improved striking. All that said, Weidman is a stud with strong wrestling/ grappling and improving stand up. Weidman has stated he will take Maia down and try to submit him, BAD IDEA, in my humble opinion. If Weidman does this, he will be submitted in the 2nd. If he stands with Maia, I see him getting TKO’d in the 3rd or being battered to a decision.
    Prediction: Maia by triange, Round 2

    Chael Sonnen vs. Michael Bisping
    Not going into this one too much. Bisping is no gimme, however Sonnen just beat someone a similar/BETTER version of Bisping in Brian Stann. Both Stann and Bisping are stand up fighters, Stann with more power/better boxing, Bisping with a more respectable kick boxing/ground game. Sonnen had no trouble wading through Stanns power punches to get the take down. I see Sonnen using a similar tactic to get Bisping down and hold him there. Bisping will not be enough of a threat off his back to slap on a submission and does not have strong enough grappeling game to get back to his feet. Sonnen by a somthering
    Prediction: Sonnen by UD, Round 3

    Rashad Evans vs. Phil Davis
    Interesting fight. Both are strong wrestlers. I believe Phil Davis has the edge in the wrastlin’ department, however Evans has better striking. What do we see a lot when we have two strong wrestlers? A stand up fight because wrestling is negated. If I am correct, we will see Evans get the better of Davis in a striking battle. Evans will have to watch out for Davis's head kick which he throws fast and hard, but Evans has fought far superior strikers. I dont see Davis being able to hold Evans down to somther or submitt him and I cannot see Evans being pounded out how he did Forrest to win the belt. I see Evans being too strong, too much of a better striker, and too motivated for his title shot at Bones Jones to let this one slip through his grasp.
    Prediction: Evans via TKO, round 3


  2. I am with you on the first one.
    On the second one, I don't think that Bisping will make it through the second round. I just see Chael smothering him the whole first round and Bisping hot having enough in the tank to go any further.

    As far as the Evans / Davis fight I am on the fence. Neither of them have been in the cage in a while and both have some serious power, and wrestling. I think it could honestly go either way, just a matter of who lands the the big shot that gives them the chance to smother the other person. I am pulling for Phil in this one

  3. Maybe not I'm specific outcomes but I agree on all 3 fronts. The only one I'm on the fence a little is the sonnen bisping fight.
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  4. I actually think Weidman might surprise with ground control. I think Sonnen tkos Bisping late via ground and pound. It is the main event that I am torn on. I think Evans wins, but part of me feels like Davis is going to pull it out.
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