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  1. Melvin Guillard

    So I love watching Guillard fight, however I can't help but get frustrated. He has SO much talent. Athletic, explosive, fast.... He has what it takes to be champ, but he NEEDS sub defense. He comes out blasting people but as soon as the fight hits the mat, it looks like he's a fish out of water. Do you guys think him leaving Jackson's was a mistake or will his move to Boca Raton Fl be beneficial? Will we see him fight for the belt or will his lack of ground skills always hold him back from reaching the top? Who will he fight next? The lightweight division is DEEEEEEEEEP!

  2. I couldn't agree more man. I see him and when you see him he's just explosive but Jim miller to me has some superior bjj . I think one day he can be a dominate champ and I think he should of stayed with Jackson's gym . But for his next match I'd like a Donald cerrone both coming off a Lose and damn good and by far a tough fight

  3. agreed, he is a lot of fun to watch and he comes out as a force to be reckoned with but then it all falls apart.
    He comes out and looks like he just gets over excited. I understand pushing but he needs to learn that you don't have to win the fight in the first minute.

  4. I bet that dude was not the guy to mess with in high school,lol,he doesnt look like the most intimidating person ever,so Im sure the wrong person picked at him and regretted it at some point.

  5. Agreed, he needs to become more well rounded.
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  6. finally someone who understands me. Mel is amazing. He's a great fighter, wish the guy would get more attention!

  7. He was too inconsistent. Seemed like Jackson's camp helped with that...


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