Kay I been fighting since I was 15 I'm 21 now just had a labrum tear and out at least 3 months hoping to get two pro fights at the end of the year when training regains itself if I feel right . Fighting 55 I'm up at ( 78 ) before surgery highest I been since I dropped from 70 to 55 . Now back then I didn't keep up with my diet nor did my first two 55 fights but counting calories and cutting out weekly before fight and keeping up is by far something I wish I would of done way back when . I'm ready to get back

So curious any fighters here ?

Ammy record 9-4
2 titles
3 ko
1 tko
5 submissions

Losses 1 guiatine choke
1 triangle
2 decisions

1 FON ( fight of night ) catch weight I weighed 83 him 96 big boy lol I lost

0-1 pro at 55

2 Ammy fights at 55

5"9 1/2
Walk weight 72 mostly
55 fight weight

In may after healing process moving to a bigger area with better gym I been training with around 7 days a month before injury just started with them in July .

I'm ready to get back on my feet