Miguel Torres Back In The UFC

  1. Miguel Torres Back In The UFC

    Miguel Torres back in the UFC after being cut three weeks ago - MMA News

    Three weeks ago UFC bantamweight and former champion Miguel Torres was released after making an inappropriate comment on Twitter. The situation was made aware to Dana White during an on-camera interview who immediately responded that Torres was fired.
    The news was a shock to the fans and media as Torres, a fan favorite and former champion, had been quoting a popular TV show and others in the UFC had made similar comments and not been released.
    Today, UFC President Dana White told that media that Torres was back in the UFC, and had made positive steps showing remorse for his actions. The President's announcement was tweeted by Ariel Helwani:
    Dana says Torres is back. Torres has donated money to local rape centers, visited them. Dana says Torres was very remorseful.
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    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  2. Yet another example of dana white being full of shyt....I bet he said "this guy will NEVER (ever ever!) fight in the UFC again talking like that on that twitter thing"........then today he is like "miguel torres is the best fighter in his weight class and we are proud to have him in the UFC" BWAHAHAHAHA!!!

  3. Yea agreed dana gets a stick up his ass , Torres should be in ufc hes a great fighter imo

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