Opinions on UFC Fox 1

  1. Opinions on UFC Fox 1

    From what I've heard, the people that got to watch the whole card, or at least the co-main event with Bendo/Guida was very satisfied with the event, however, for many of us who got a 40 min build to a 65 sec fight, a lot of people felt deflated. Personally, I was screaming in joy because I had Cain winning for sure, even though I was rooting for JDS, so I was excited. What did you guys feel about it?

  2. Growing pains...

    Going against the Pac/Marquez fight would have lowered the numbers if it was a PPV, but they definitely should have made it a 2 hour block with Bendo/Guida, JDS/Cain, and a fight or 2 from the undercard. BTW, if anyone missed the Bendo/Guida fight, go watch it. I streamed the FB fights to my TV through my laptop.
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  3. No surprise about the bendo/guida fight. Be, Bendo will beat Frankie IMO. The UFC will need a bigger daw for the next fox card. Maybe Sonnen/Silva II?
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  4. I didn't have to pay so I was happy. As long as fox keeps joe buck off the broadcast, it won't be a problem. The ufc is starting to become the wwf in terms of way to many pay perveiws.
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    I'm not big on UFC; just not a fan (I also can't hunt, if that tells you anything about me). My dad works phone and cable and back when I was in junior high, I remember watching a UFC fight or two that we got via paperview. It was a bit more than I could stand watching compared to the wrestling that I enjoyed as a kid (read: fake). This was the first time I've watched in over 10 years and needless to say, I'll continue my trend of not watching.
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  6. Needed more fights, and the back ground music had to go, it felt like I was pre gaming for the superbowl. Didn't have to pay which was great but commentators have to go should have just kept Joe and the other dude through the entire show

  7. they should of got rid of the 30min pre-fight talk, and started right away with henderson vs guida, and then went into the main event.

    if any air time was left, then they should have built up the UFC 139 coming up this weekend.

    seems like they made a lot of errors on such a huge stage.


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