Alistair Overeem vs Brock Lesnar!!!

  1. Alistair Overeem vs Brock Lesnar!!!

    dec. 30th, cant wait! i got the reem by 1st round K.O. Overeems got more skill, more experience, K-1 tournament champ, Strikeforce champ, Dream champ...hopefully soon to be UFC champ. i highly doubt the fight will go to a decision.

  2. I agree with you 100% I don't think alot of people know much about Overeem but since his move to heavyweight he has just ran through the competition. Not to mention he even had Fedor's Management ducking him to keep Fedor on the winning side but that still didn't work out that well. I can't wait for the Reem vs Lesnar fight. I believe after he wins that fight he will be fighting for the title. On the Reems online Documentary he has a video of a meeting with Lorenzo Fertitta and Lorenzo says that Overeem should have got a title shot his first fight but with JDS and Cain already set Overeem asked for a tough oppenent so he can show UFC fans what he is all about.

  3. Yeah because the competition Overeem has beaten at HW is soooooooooo impressive. Wins against the legendary Tony Sylvester, James Thompson, Todd Duffee, and Gary "Beyond Punchdrunk" Goodridge. Have you seen his heart, or lack thereof, when he gets in trouble? His win against Werdum was also far from impressive, which is partially Werdum's fault, but Overeem didn't do jack ****.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  4. Its pretty hard to fight a man when all he will do is lay on his back. Werdum knew if he stood up he would get knocked out. Overeem needs to be tested but Werdum is a top ten guy at the least. As for Overeem's heart or like you stated lack there of we will see. You act like the guy was no good in pride or something he had some impressive wins. Overeem is a K-1 level striker. As for the ufc having the best HW's I'm still not sold on that they have some good fighters but I saw Cain get dropped every round by Congo and Congo is a stepping stone but I do think JDS could cause Overeem some problems. Regardless Overeem is a top 5 guy and deserves some credit for the things he has accomplished in the Combat sports world. Thats all I'm sayin.

  5. I guess you forgot that the overwhelming majority of his fights in Pride were at LHW and he had his ass handed to him by Chuck, Shogun (2x), Rog Nog (2x), and Arona. He did beat Kharitonov, which is a solid win, but he lost the rematch in addition to being subbed by Werdum in their first fight. Take away the physique and he gets a fraction of the hype that he has. He is slower than molasses with his feet now and his striking style that he used in K1 won't translate to MMA against power wrestlers, which makes up the majority of the top 4-5 in the UFC.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  6. True enough about the shogun and nog fights but the fight with chuck i remember the reem had him rocked with some knees and and chuck caught him with an overhand right that was thrown from almost being koed. Regardless Overeem has a fight the 30 of December and as a Heavyweight in the UFC witha win he will earn a shot at the new HW champ JDS. I thought Cains chin was a little suspect since the Congo fight and I guess I was right. So I will tune in on the 30th of December to see two of the biggest HW's battle then we can finish this discussion.

  7. first of all Overeem is a much different fighter since his pride fc days. second he beat Badr Hari, Peter Aerts, Vitor Belfort and so on, very impressive wins. im not going to say much more, im pretty confident that he will take brock out easy, Overeem has been fighting for a long time he had his ups and downs, but right now hes a new fighter and in his prime. newcomers like Cain which everyone put #1 top rank in heavyweight got his ass handed to him today by JDS, saw it coming, just goes to show how most mma fans think...

  8. At first I thought Brock would take Reem down and pound him out without too many problems. When Werdum tried to take him down and he kept stuffing the takedowns, those were jokes... Brock is an accomplished NCAA wrestler and with his size and strength and speed, I figured no problem.

    But upon further reflection, I think Brock has been off too long, his true health is questionable, and the Reem has been active and like you guys mentioned - a devastating striker.

    I got Alistair.

  9. overeem DEFINITELY by 1st round KO, and it will probably come by knee. if brock doesn't take alistair down quick enough you better believe knees will be flying.

  10. I'd be thrilled if Brock pulls it off, but a large part of me wants to see a kickboxing fight between Alistair and JDS.


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