Entrance music help

  1. Entrance music help

    , so i need help picking a song.

    Backround bout me.

    Love halloween, horrorcore, clowns etc. dont like rap, country, or house.

    I like rapish rock similar to boy hits car, and limp bizkit, ratm etc.

    Songs i have to date are as follows, but welcoming youtube vids for inspiration. I fight in 2 weeks from today. may come out in clown mask, bc i love clowns. heavily tattooed, 5th clown tattoo in about 4 weeks.

    ICP- Oddities theme, beautiful doom

    5 finger death punch- way of the fist

    Hed PE: Renegade*


    Twiztid- **** U

    Slipknot- Wait n bleed, SIC, Pyschosocial, Before i forget.

    Snot- Snot

    Spine shank- violent mood swings,

    MArilyn Manson- Use your fist, new model number one

    Limp Bizkit- Head for the barracade, counterfeit

    RATM- Bulls on parade, take the power back

    Mudvayne- Seed, deathblooms, dig

    metallica- seek and destroy (i want others though)

    Im thinking songs whose chorus comes up before a minute into the song, so i can get super pumped.



  2. Not sure man out of your list. Choose one that gets YOU pumped up... who cares about the impression it makes on anyone else.

    I remember GSP saying he got pumped up from "Shurik'n - Samurai" and hence he walked in with that a few times.

    Actually pretty good (although I have no idea what they're saying)

  3. Hed PE-Raise Hell or Hed PE-Represent are both good choices.

    Also love me some God Forbid-Chains of Humanity
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  4. thanks ill look into it!

    2 more days!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ssbackwards View Post
    thanks ill look into it!

    2 more days!
    Good luck bro!!


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