Fight this saturday

  1. Fight this saturday

    I'm fighting at 145 this weekend and I already know how to make the weight cut. I'm gonna be cutting about 10 lbs and I was just wondering if anyone had suggestions on the best ways to recover. Obviously water, replenish electrolytes, potassium, I've read to drink pedia-sure. Any advice?


  2. Tons of fruit and coconut water.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  3. Post a video of it if you can. Good luck bro.

  4. I definitely will. I made weight and I'm feeling GOOD! haha How do you post vids on here?

  5. Click the colored object 3rd from the right (says insert video). Not totally sure but you might have to create a video from a link (youtube, photobucket etc).

  6. It says you can't post links until you've posted more. But just search for Joshua "The Spartan" Stanley vs. McCoy Johns in a few days and it'll be up.


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