Tim Boetsch moves to middleweight

  1. Tim Boetsch moves to middleweight

    I'm excited to see him move down to middleweight. I think he will be a very strong at this weight. He seemed a little pudgy at light heavyweight and the light heavyweights now seem like they are nothing but muscle. So I think this will be a successful move for him.

    His next fight is with Kendall Grove. Should be a good one. Check out the write up on Tim's site timboetsch dot com. Great read...

  2. Tim 'The Barbarian' Boetsch looked awesome against Kendall Grove. Looking forward to his next fight at middleweight.

  3. I saw that fight. Don't know much about him, but I agree that it seems MW suits his frame better.

    Also, I noticed Nate Marquardt is going to be moving down to welterweight. He seemed like a big 185er, if he can handle the weight change, I think he'll do very well in the 170lb division.

  4. well kendall grove is not a test for anyone...i think all of his ufc wins except herman are against guys who have been cut form the ufc...so he really should have been out the door years back. But tim will have a lot more success in the MW division imo.

  5. I thought Tim looked great against Kendall. He was throwing him around the cage like a rag doll.



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