test-e AND MMA

  1. test-e AND MMA

    I will be fighting in about 4 weeks. I got the flu last week and was out of training pretty much. With getting sick and having to train overtime these next 4 weeks I thought about running low dose of test-e at 300mg a week.

    I know test-e kicks in about week 3. I already pinned last week in order to keep some muscle gains since I had the flu and wasnt able to workout and eat much because I had no appetite and felt like ****. Only thing is that I believe test-e involves water retention and I do not want to put on weight. Is it possible to run test-e and still cut weight?

    I have only pinned once and I am thinking that maybe best not to use anything for the fight. Is it pointless since test-e takes 3 weeks to kick in and by then it will be close to the fight? I also do not want to gain weight and worried about the water retention. I was only looking to do a low dose of 300mg to aid in recovery and keep muscle while cutting.

  2. Test E will almost certainly cause you to get bloated but at 300mg it may not be too bad. You might want to drop the dosage some every week to be safe. You can use an AI to keep down the bloat but cutting weight on Test E will probably be pretty difficult. Maybe monitor your weight constantly and start taking nolvadex a few days before your fight to help get rid of water weight.

  3. I honestly am thinking of not even using the test. I only used it once, for 1 week. I did the intial injection at 600mg in my arm. And then was going to do 300mg, pinned twice weekly at 150mg. My arm swoll up btw when I injected. It was been swollen and red some, but no fever so I do not think it is an infection. I boxed yesterday and it seemed that the water rentention and fluid built up into my arm was actually negatively affecting my performace. I am thinking if test-e is better run in between fights for strength and conditiong. I honestly think that with the soreness with injections it probably is not the best for MMA cause it does limit your range of motion. I am not sure but do i need to run PCT if I injected only once 600mg?

    In terms of using the test-e leading up to the fight...I am not sure. I do not want to take the risk of not making weight, getting bloating/water rentention and getting my delts really sore and swollen with fluid/oil. I think it would be better I just saved it after the fight. What are your thoughts on that?

  4. I think that's a good choice. Save it for when you are trying to get strong and can have the extra weight. As far as the PCT goes I think you will be fine without it if you only took one shot.

  5. I'd keep PCT on hand or at least some kind of test booster... you could still get shut down a little bit... why don't you just use a maintenance dose of test to prevent any adverse effects from possibly being shut down from your first injection and keep from getting too bloated.

  6. I was looking to use a low dose of 300mg...but I just dont want to take the risk of water retention and/or soreness in body parts that limit my range of motion. I was advised to take something like Epistane for a cut. Only thing is that it will dry joints, but I heard it does not negatively affect cardio. Any thoughts?

  7. Have you thought about tren ? you would get super strength but the cardio would go down.
    I guess anavar improves cardio/respiratory quite a bit, maybe that or winny ?

    DO they do drug tests for AAS in MMA ? (like in pro UFC)


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