Yesterday was flooded with talks about the possible matchup between newly crowned Strikeforce LHW champion Dan Henderson and Fedor Emelianenko. However, a day after the talks were made public and the MMA world started licking their chops at the idea of the possible super-fight between the two legends, M-1 Global Director of Operations Evgeni Kogan told that the topic hasn't even been brought up to Emelianenko or M-1 Global.

In an interview with Kogan stated, "There have been no discussions with us. Any discussions have been solely on the other side of the Atlantic."

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker stated that the talks have just been nothing more than “preliminary discussions” and nothing has been planned as far as dates, and he wasn’t sure if the fight is even going to materialize at all. Basically, the fight was just a thought brought up by the Strikeforce head office, and once the word hit the internet the media made it seem like a fight that was already in negotiations. But unfortunately that’s just not the case.

However, the possibilities have not been doused out completely. Henderson spoke about the situation and possibility of the fight on radio. During the conversation he explained that he would like to return to the cage in June or July and a matchup with the winner between Gegard Mousasi and Mike Pyle makes a lot of sense, but he also stated that he has interest in fighting Fedor…even at heavyweight!

"Obviously, he's still one of the top guys out there in the world, and it would be a huge challenge," Henderson said. "It would interest me to go up."

It was also reported yesterday by “Fighters Only” that Emelianenko showed interest in dropping if he got a shot at Henderson’s belt. To me, that seems like the most logical move for Fedor and the Strikeforce organization. A fight between the two at heavyweight would be awesome, but the belt would not be on the line, and Fedor would once again be in a sort of “lose/lose” limbo.

But Kogan said the frontrunner for Emelianenko's next fight is the loser of the bout between Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem and Fabricio Werdum, which takes place in the quarterfinals of the grand prix in June. Emelianenko vs. Overeem or Werdum would ideally take place in late summer.

"There is nothing definite yet," Kogan said. "It's a little bit too far out to nail down a date. What Fedor wanted to do was get back on the horse, so he felt fine and he wanted to maintain his training schedule, and, of course, with him not competing at the combat sambo championships that didn't happen. But rules are rules, and they have to obey them." Fedor was unable to compete at the sambo championships because of the 90 day medical suspension he received after his brutal loss to Antonio Silva last month.

I said it in an article yesterday, with the Grand Prix Tourny spanning through the remainder of the year Fedor has few options left for interesting fights. Obviously a rematch with Werdum would sell a ton of tickets, as would a fight with Overeem. However, a win against either of those fighters does not move Fedor back into the realm of greatness that he once laid so lavishly in. But a title fight against Henderson and a reinvention of himself in a new weight class seems extremely interesting and like a great opportunity to immediately fix his suddenly flattened career.

Not only would Fedor have the chance to capture another belt, he would fight guys that he has never seen, making it easy for Strikeforce to pair him up and give him the chance to once again be their number one promotional tool. Maybe it’s just me, but a Fedor Emelianenko at LHW seems like a very dangerous and exciting fighter. But not everyone holds the same opinions as me.

Evgeni Kogan stated, "The way that things work with us is that Fedor always makes the decisions. I can't speak on his behalf. I can say that there's been no discussions with us about this, and so we've not been involved with discussions on a potential fight with Dan Henderson. To me personally, that's not a fight that makes any sense."

That’s weird, because to me it makes perfect sense. So what do the rest of the fans here at think? Would a move down in weight benefit Fedor, or is he better off staying at heavyweight to end his career. Let’s hear the Fedor talks fight fans!