Sparring partner in Chicago

  1. Sparring partner in Chicago

    Im looking for a sparring partner in the Chicago-land area. Let me know if your interested.

  2. I'd be more like a human punching bag.... Haha, I really wish I never gave up on martial arts though! Good luck brother- hope you find someone that wants to fight you!!


  3. lol thanks man, the search for someone isnt going that well. and i dont want to sign up to a mma gym

  4. I train at Xsport Fitness and a lot of the guys i lift with are big into MMA. It's not a MMA gym by any means but they spar there haha

  5. I would but I recently moved to Florida, what gym are you at? I used to train with jbma, some solid training partners there.

  6. Man...I'd love to, but I'm about three hours South.

  7. At 999lbs, keep looking... Good luck, though


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