mma workouts

  1. mma workouts

    hey what kind of workouts do the mma fighters do?
    i mean to do you do alot of weight lifting for strengh or just do cardio and stuff like pushups and pull ups
    i was thinking that alot of weight lift would make you not as limber but mabe alot of stretching could help that and being sore from a work out does that effect your fight the next day
    plus another question is if you take a pre work out suppl before you work out and get used to it do you get to take anything before a fight to charge you up?

  2. A) everyone is different so there will be different sorts of training for each different person
    B) I believe that preworkouts should NEVER be used before MMA training for that reason, you should be able to fight without any stimulation of any kind, maybe an ipod but that's it.

  3. A lot of them do Crossfit. I'm not not suggesting you do Crossfit, but if there was a broad stroked, generally accurate statement, that would be one of them.

  4. Alot of bodyweight circuits, Interval Training, Bag work, Crossfit, then onto the floor work and sparring ect. If you chasing some good workouts theres plenty on youtube, Just search MMA interval workouts ect ect. Theres some really good content on there. Also google and/or you tube again lots of great info on training for fighters there.
    "Dont worry about the burn man! You can do Jane Fonda classes if you want the burn"

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