What will Tito's excuse be?

  1. What will Tito's excuse be?

    First a disclaimer. I'm an old school Tito fan, But he does tend to make up alot of excuses for his performances. If he loses this fight, what will his excuse be?

    My girl says it will be he got bleach in his eyes thus reducing his vision.

  2. he chipped a fingernail during training

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  4. How about using the excuse he is old and washed up. :-) it is sad to see him and iceman fall so far!

  5. Hey, aging happens to the best of us but the main problem was that they never tried to add anything to their respective toolboxes. The sport outgrew them.

  6. outgrew them 2 years ago. sad thing. Tito to strikeforce lol?

  7. He could not take down a wrestler. That's Tito's style of fighting. Take them down and ground n pound them. Instead he got took down.

  8. Tito has been done for awhile. When he makes comments like he's on the road to getting his belt back or even considering it a possibility, it's really rather laughable. He can play the marketing game without sounding ludacris. I was a Tito fan and rooted for him eveytime he lost to Lidell, but his time is far past.

    He just hasn't evolved with the sport. He was too busy on celebrity apprentice as the sport passed him up. Randy has at least evolved with the sport, so he stays relatively competitive, but Tito has not only not evolved, but has seemingly regressed. Where's the TD's or even TD attempts? He should really hang them up.

  9. At this point, I doubt that he can even shoot because his body is so beat to hell.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  10. Punching Jenna Jameson is easier than punching Matt Hammil.

  11. ^^^No, no, no. Ur doing it wrong!

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    Shooting on Jenna Jameson is easier than shooting on Matt Hammil.

    EDIT: I just decided that I have to stop visiting the Misc section of certain other forums, lol...
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    ^^^No, no, no. Ur doing it wrong!


    EDIT: I just decided that I have to stop visiting the Misc section of certain other forums, lol...

    Yup you're right. Sorry, thanks for the fix.

  13. That's because with Jenna, Tito can shoot from the front and the back.

  14. the funny thing was is that tito tought a win over hammil put him in line for the title..lol..hammil is far from being a title contender gate keeper..but how about hammil showing off his soft head by straight eating tito's head kick without a flinch..and that landed all shin on jaw..props to hammil and his taunting jestures to tito in the fight...but i hope they let tito get beat down by chuck so we can atleast see the iceman go out with a win.

  15. All I gotta say is he should have left big bear awhille ago to maybe save his career or do something different. His standup and wrestling has looked below average for 3 years.

  16. i agree..the bar has been raised and skills, technique have greatly been improved while tito has stayed stagnant....kind of in the way that a bjj purple now would have been a black belt 6-8 years ago in comparison.

  17. Tito looks slow and withered no excuse

  18. I think Tito and Jake Shields had the same training camp....

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    I think Tito and Jake Shields had the same training camp....


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