BJ Penn vs Matt Hughes @ UFC 123

  1. I saw that earlier this morning. I think it's a good co-main even and should (key word) give BJ some initiative to get his ass back in gear.
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  2. If Hughes loses its not that big of a deal but if BJ does that is bad news. BJ needs to outstike him(easy) and avoid the takedown. I hope We see better speed and range from him this time. As well as a better heart and footwork. Frankie owned him.

  3. Hughes is the boss, he is goin to dominate just like he did gracy

  4. Go BJ!!!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by thegirten View Post
    Hughes is the boss, he is goin to dominate just like he did gracy
    I don't know that the Matt Hughes who beat Royce is the same Matt Hughes we have today. BJ's performances could be called into question as well. I'm still picking BJ, but I'm completely bias.

  6. and also the royce that matt beat was a weak old man royce.

  7. The Hughes from '02-'06 is far gone and he'll even admit that. Honestly, if he beats BJ, I think he should retire and end on a high note.
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  8. I'm for this fight. Seems slightly ridiculous for BJ to move up but at least we don't have to see a rematch with him against Florian.

  9. BJ fights a lot of the same opponent. I am tired of this. I only really like to see 205 and up rematch most of the time.

  10. Nobody move nobody get hurt. BJ!!


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