Strikeforce Houston

  1. Strikeforce Houston

    I personally think the fights for the LHW belt and the MW belt are going to be pretty good. MW you got Tim Kennedy vs Jacare Souza I think I will be going for Tim in this one. Then the LHW title fight is King Mo vs Rafeal Feijao this one is going to be a good one cant wait this Saturday on Showtime. I almost forgot KJ Noons vs Jorge Gorgel has potential to be a really good card.

  2. good fights

  3. Wow Lashley threw in the towel. HAHA nice fall of King MO he did great trying to recover. Held on damn good but those elbows were hard.

    People watch the KJ Noons fight...........The fight was called before the illegal Knee. NOt a big deal IMO.

  4. King Mo!! Gotta love that name.

    But Fiejao was just too strong. King Mo could never keep him on the ground. King Mo ate some montrous knees and i give him credit for hanging on for so long. Good fight

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