Whats your top 5 mma equipment?

  1. Whats your top 5 mma equipment?

    You can only pick five. If this is all you had to train with and prepare for a fight. What would be the top 5 pieces. These are mine.

    1. Landmine with the attachments and bar(core and rotational power)
    2. Powerwheel (awesome core builder, works the whole core)
    3. rack of dumbbells (I like my Dbells over circus kettle bells)
    4. New Grip4orce product (K.O. power and crazy hand strength)
    5. Versa Climber (Insane ATP energy, 10x harder then sprints)

    I can put all this in my garage and have equipment products more geared for my sport then any glamorous gym.

    With my 10 years in the strength and conditioning field and my 9 years at mma training this is what i think is best. 22 years overall weight training

    Let me know yours, Iron sharpens Iron

  2. do you like that grip thing?

  3. 1. Dumbbells: due to versatility strength/conditioning
    2. Heavy bag: Technique/drills
    3. Olympic Bar and plates: again versatility strength/conditioning
    4. Sled (In field): sprints and sled work
    5. Bands: Shoulder rehab + because im experimenting with CNS activation

    As far as experience goes: 7 years S+C/fitness industry
    : 10 years on/off Kickboxing
    : 4 months BJJ (wasn't for me)

    So never done MMA but been involved in MA most my life be it Judo, TKD but mainly KB but thought I'd share!

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