Strikeforce throwing Lashley another CAN?

  1. Strikeforce throwing Lashley another CAN?

    Chad Griggs. Hasnt fought in over a year, described as an IFL "veteran" despite going just 1-1 in that organization, has an impressive 8-1 record overall but his opponents combined records are 51-52; with one opponent contributing HALF of those wins. Remove that guy and it goes to an appaling 26-43.

    Is there any good explanation as to why strikeforce keeps spoon feeding Lashley the proverbial "tomato can"?

    I think the guy may have some real potential; not just in the ring, but also as a big draw for a company that needs some names.

  2. they want to build his hype up and get him a nice highlight reel before they throw him in with someone good. also, they need to give him time to get some in-ring experience.

  3. Lashley is set to fight Batista on PPV now. Fedor, a living legend, gets free fights on CBS. Lashley and Batista get PPV....

  4. 5 bucks they'll start slapping each others chests on the turnbuckle

  5. Quote Originally Posted by AntonG42O View Post
    5 bucks they'll start slapping each others chests on the turnbuckle
    LOL. The cage won't make as much noise when they stomp their feet during those chest slaps and the cage doesn't offer as much give when they throw someone into it. If Batista gets a sunset flip, TKO, then his next step is to call out Fedor.



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