Evans vs Jackson

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    AA's problem is the chin and between the ears. He's looked amazing and like a B-level fighter depending on his confidence.

    I'm also not saying that Andy could be a legit force in boxing; I'm merely stating what has been said about his boxing skills. The difference between his boxing is that he understands and develops his range.
    Right, and your point is well received... All I'm saying is that there is a huge difference between looking like a good boxer in a cage - and looking like one in a ring.

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    what about vitor belfort??? and its not always the striking aspect that makes one fighter a better boxer than the other..its the footwork and the angles they use...lil nog can box well but his footwork did not show that in his fight with brillz...anderson maybe awkward but his footwork is very technically sound...jds has great hand speed for a hw but leaves his hands down and swings from his waist....bj has great hand speed as well, but was out boxed by frankie edgar...arlovski moves good but he only moves back and forth and leaves his hands down as well and thats how he got picked apart by bigfoot..and actually cains boxing looked sharp and crips vs big nog...but theses are just my two cents..we all have our favorites and our own opinion about who is better boxer and why.
    I agree with just about everything short of Frankie Edgar out boxing Bj Penn. I think Frankie Edgar out worked BJ. Frankie did more with his foot work, body movement and circling of the octagon, while Bj stood and countered (successfully) for the most part.

    I think Frankie certainly did his share of damage, but what gave him the edge in the judges eyes was that a lot of his activity, was perceived as damage inflicted.

    If you disagree, that's fine, this is old news so there's no point in debating it. This was just my 2 cents.

  3. This fight dissapointed me I was really wanting to see a KO and not a decision .. Excited to see silva vs sonnen



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