Silva vs Sonnen

  1. Silva vs Sonnen

    This may be the last man that can beat silva.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by bluehealer View Post
    This may be the last man that can beat silva.
    I am looking forward to this fight. I like Sonnen's pace but I still say he is gonna get punished by Silva. Having said that....there are plenty that pose a huge threat to Silva and they are in the LHW division where Silva really should be. He simply has become good at cutting weight and retaining his strength. Most other LHW are too drained to cut down to MW to fight him. He belongs in LHW period. Don't see why he is wasting his time at MW. No legacy there!

  3. there is gotta be a dungeon beast somewhere connected to electrodes and Thai pads, getting whipped with chains...just training everyday and night to one day dethrone Anderson?? will Pudz drop all the way to 205 and fish hook his way through the UFC LHW division????

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