Where to start

  1. Where to start

    I was looking to possibly start MMA classes or something of the like this summer just as something new to try.
    I've been lifting weights for awhile but lost a lot of athleticism, but I should come back quickly.
    Where do I begin with this?
    I really don't know anything about MMA, so hopefully somebody can fill me in.


  2. Quote Originally Posted by iron fists View Post
    well do you have any mma gyms near you?
    Well how can I search for MMA gym's?
    I'm hoping there are somewhere, but I live in Vermont, sooo it tends to be a bit sparse on some things.

  3. Even a quick google of martial arts in vermont should net you something. I know around my area all the gyms are either Kick Boxing, Jiu Jitsu or Muay Thai, but they all do a variety of MMA. They just dont call themselves thatr.

  4. yea do a general "martial arts school" search. then start going through them to see if they got what you like. watch some youtube videos of muay thai, jiujitsu, try to see which one you'd like to try first, or both if the school has the resources. look for a school with a little bit of room, narrow strip mall schools quickly get crowded if the class is big. try to stay away from karate schools that are converted into mma/bjj/muay thai. most of the time the instructors suck and theyr pushing karate the rest of the week.

    best is to find a school with a native speaker teaching the sport. I lucked out: at my school we have a brazilian guy teaching bjj and a thai champion teaching muay thai. these guys are very raw and passionate, they'll treat you as family and teach you secrets and tricks from their home country.

    most importantly, try a class first!!!! before you sign up and buy a Gi or gloves/shorts, the best thing is to do a class and see how you like it. oh and dont eat a big meal right before you go train.

  5. I have been training for about a year now and love it! The best conditioning that I have ever experienced and I'm learning a skill that a woman (and a man) can use: aggression!

    But I agree that you need to try a few gyms out and make sure they are serious about the sport, because there are some jackasses running gyms trying to cash in on the UFC craze. Make sure that there are some coaches that have been at pro level in their sport...if you train under someone that is mediocre then that's the level you'll top out at as well.

    Good luck...you will love it!



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