Opinions on this

  1. Opinions on this

    I found this and I have to say I agree with most of the picks...but Rampage? he looks big and ripped in the picture they have but when you look at him it looks like he has no muslce tone what so ever...i also am missing Urijah which I figured would make the list....who else belongs on the list? Top 10 Best Physiques On The UFC | SimplyShredded.com
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  2. Aside from 3 of them not being in the UFC, the order is bad and they're missing some others such as Irvin.
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  3. well yeah i dont' agree with the order at all or rampage...irvin's in there...like number 3..james irvin right?
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  4. Where is James Toney? Why isn't he on this list?

  5. I don't like the order and anyways. It is really way off the mark.

  6. Sherk looked bigger/better when he was at 170....

  7. its way off,

  8. its way off goinmg by the pics. those guys do have better pics. GSP is not number 2 by no means. nate quarry is damn good. that pic of franklin is amazing thats top 5. sherks pic looked terrible. he was better looking while on the juice for sure.

  9. i agree the orders way off, and yes nate was left off...he should be in there
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  10. Based on the write ups they had, it seems they ranked the "top 10 physiques in the UFC" based on more than just physique.


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