UFC response to Strikeforce 4/17

  1. UFC response to Strikeforce 4/17

    There is a lot of speculation going on right now about the UFC running a card to counter the Strikeforce card. From what I have read it seems that Chuck/Franklin is "reported" to be the main event. Other fights rumored


    All the while, this is supposed to be held in Tn, not far from the SF card.

    Anyone with other confirmation?
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  2. Scott Coker already said if the UFC wants to play this game, he will reschedule his event to air the night of the WEC's first PPV. In your face Dr. Evil!!!!

  3. supposedly Coker has now said 4/17 is the SF date. Trying to compete with the WEC is as bad as UFC competing with SF.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by iron fists View Post
    Dana white has already confirmed that it will be franklin vs. couture..not liddel.
    Franklin vs Couture.... I almost fell asleep right there.

  5. I'll still be watching the strikeforce show as it is a much more exiting card.



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