I am a MMA fighter that usually walks at 190-195 and fights at 170. I am currently taking a cycle of Hdrol at 100mgs. I weight 200 and aside from some water retention(which is usually high for me anyways) am pretty shredded(9%). I don't like dropping too much fat because I feel like my athleticism suffers, anyhow I will be competing in the arnold grappling challenge on the sixth of march. It was a last minute decision, and I planned this cycle out a long time in advance. I will be in the 180-199 class and have been gaining at a rate of 1lbs every two to three days. If this rate continues I think I will be somewhere around 208? That leaves 9lbs. I have the new formadrol for my PCT. I don't want to cut a lot of water for this event. Does anyone think I can take a little formadrol the night before to cut down on my water retention? I would like this to be a gentle cut. My last cut was very rough, I could hardly keep my hands up( I separated my left shoulder a few months before and could not lift so my metabolism slowed). Any input would be appreciated.