Wanderlei To Train With Anderson At Ufc 110

  1. Wanderlei To Train With Anderson At Ufc 110


    There is no doubt that Brazilian fighters are a proud people, and when rivalries rise up sometimes there's not much anybody can do to put out the fire. One rivalry that came and went recently was between former training partners Wanderlei Silva and UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.
    Some words were exchanged and it looked like a fight could be on the horizon for the former Chute Boxe fighters, but cooler heads prevailed and now the two legendary strikers are set to train together once again.

    Speaking in an exclusive interview with MMAFORUM, Wanderlei says that he no longer has a need to fight Anderson, and he even plans on working with the champís Black House team in the near future.

    "From now on I don't want to fight this man," Wanderlei said. "Maybe as soon as possible I'm going train with him in L.A. because he has a good thing there."

    He later told MMAForum that he would be training, at least on a limited basis, with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Anderson while they are all in Australia for UFC 110.

    Working in Los Angeles, Anderson has built a world-class team including the Nogueira brothers and other top fighters from around the world. Wanderlei has assembled his own team in Las Vegas, but still believes mixing things up every now and again will only help them both.

    "He offered to give me a few classes and I think it would be good for me, for him, and I'm going to train with him there," Wanderlei commented.

    He will head to Australia this week to finish preparation for his UFC 110 bout against Michael Bisping. [/QUOTE]

  2. Anderson Silva's Muay Thai coach out.... Wanderlei in....

  3. Yeah, I would have loved to see them fight though.

  4. I just cant wait to watch Wandy destroy Bisping this weekend.

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