Rolles Gracie Cut From The Ufc Roster

  1. Rolles Gracie Cut From The Ufc Roster

    Rolles Gracie (3-1) was one of the many fighters handed their pink slip from the Ultimate Fighting Championship following UFC 109 losing performances.

    Gracie lost his highly anticipated UFC debut to Joey Beltron (11-3) by technical knockout in a one-sided fight where Gracie appeared fatigued almost immediately. confirmed the news from UFC sources on Thursday that Gracie was cut from the organization.

    The 31-year-old fighter with the famous last name made his professional mixed martial arts debut in the now defunct International Fight League, and gathered two more wins in Art of War before losing to Beltron in the UFC. was originally informed from sources close to Gracie that the heavyweight would remain in the Las Vegas based organization, but itís come to light that Gracie was among the fighters released.
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    LOL, the UFC carving knives are in full force.

  2. Renzo "embarassed" by Rolles Gracie performance at UFC 109

    Renzo Gracie is not a man to mince his words, so his reaction to Rolles Gracie’s loss at UFC 108 is unsurprising. Renzo, legendary even among the fighting family who share his surname, told the website GracieFighter that he was embarrassed about Rolles’ performance.

    “It was embarrassing. I can tell you he wasn't in that bad of shape. Fact is the nerves drained him of his energy. His stand up and ground work looked bad, nothing at all like he was doing in training leading up to the fight and as it was if he couldn't hear what I was telling him,” Renzo commented.

    But he added a note of optimism. “I think the pressure he put on himself overwhelmed him. He'll learn and be back."

    It is worth noting that Rolles’ fight with Joey Beltran at UFC 108 was only the fourth of his professional career. His last two fights were in Chinese promotion Art of War and both were submission wins. Art of War uses a vale tudo rule set and has a ten-minute first round, but the level of competition is not comparable to the elite heavyweights that make up the UFC roster.

    Rolles may find himself making an exit from the UFC after another loss, but that does not mean he cannot join the ranks of the elite further down the line. With just four fights under his belt, he is very inexperienced to be operating in what is currently one of the ‘shark tank’ weight divisions.

    Edit: Title Error, it should read UFC 108

  3. Quote Originally Posted by iron fists View Post
    renzo should also be embarassed that he gave rashad evans a black belt in gracie jui-jitsu..that there made just as much a mockery of the gracies as did his performance.

  4. Good he freaking sucked ass. How could you go in a fight like that? I think he must have had an easy road being a gracie and all. He was an embarrassment. Gracies need to start training differently.

    and thats stupid hahaha about rashad and renzo.

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