Video Interview; Fitch Reacts to Sonnen + talks AKA

  1. Video Interview; Fitch Reacts to Sonnen + talks AKA

    Fitch Reacts to Sonnen - Video -

    Relevant Quotes:

    “Nate didn’t execute a game plan very well. I think the closed guard is dead in MMA right now, unless you are Demain Maia or Shinya Aoki forget about it. You are either getting up or getting on top, forget about pulling of submissions from your back nowadays. Strong wrestlers like Chael Sonnen will just pound you out all day long,”
    “There’s so many guys out there to fight its not really an issue really. We fight each other every day anyway so there is zero incentive for us to fight each other in here (the Octagon),” he said.

    “It is a no win situations because nobody is going to be up for it, the fans aren’t even going to be up for it because the fighters aren’t going to be into it because we fight each other every day. Its just something that nobody is interested in.”

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    Well I disagree with the closed guard being dead...Its not dead..its just alot of pro fighters who got their jiu-jitsu black belts only have a top game, and are blue belt at best on their back. And really are only purple belts in real BJJ standards. But chael looked great...and he showed some of the best gnp ive seen lately. wrestlers like fitch, evans, davis...etc... need to take a few notes from that.
    I was betting on Nate to win and when considering the case that Chael would have won, I definitely wasn't anticipating that it would have been by domination. Especially considering the caliber of wrestlers Nate gets to train with.

    The MMA forum mill have already begun to peg Chael as the GSP'esque opponent that posses the strengths to beat Anderson Sylva's weaknesses. I'll stay neutral on that issue for now, I'm not convinced either way. I've always been a pro GSP v AS based on the stylisitic, GSP specific strengths vs AS specific weakness advocate, and Chael fits that same GSP mold to an extent, so we'll see.

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