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    i know that alot of power in a strike come from the hips, what type of lifts/excersises could be done to help strike power? when the lifts are done what type of rep scheme should i use sense i am trying to work my fast twitch muscles?

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    First and foremost, ko power is natural ability and either you got it or you dont. you can lift and excercise like crazy to try and punch harder but at the end of the day you either got it or you dont. just working striaght boxing and learning foot work and how to actually hit will do more then weights. imo... but i also have the gift of being able to hop on one leg while talking on the cell phone falling dwon and still knock someone out so bad that they piss bull****. power cleans, lunges, squats, jump squats and core work are your best weightlifting routes.. but you gotta know how to move and hit, plain and simple.
    I'd hate to play the one-up game, but you're mostly wrong. True, power, like any other physical talent ie., speed, agility, strength, vary in inherent strengths or weakness from person to person, but power is definitely trainable. Power is training your motor units to innervate as many muscles fibers as possible and primarily, to fire as many motor units, in unison as possible, along with increasing the speed of neurotransmitters to the activating muscle, decreasing co-contraction/decreasing the activation of the golgi tendon organ (and then there's the stretch shortening cycle). All of which are absolutely trainable. Of course everyone has their own ceiling of just how much improvement they can make, but power, in particular KO power is 100% trainable.

  3. soooo what lifts would help?

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    if it is trainable then why doesnt every mma fighter and boxer train this way and just plan on landing one puch. it may increase you power to be able to get cummulaitve ko power which is several puches landed repeatidly..but as far as pure one touch ko power im afraid it doesnt quite end up that way. you either got it or you dont.
    Okay, proven and established physiological sciences loses out to your, "because I said so" argument. You win, I feel dumb. How about you decide to say the "sky is red," cause then it'll be true and I'd appreciate the change of scenery; rep for red sky change, thanks bud.

    Because you don't comprehend or have ever known about a [physiological] concept, does not make it non-existent. Your personal response answers the same question you posed, because most people don't know. Practicing MMA does not make you a master of the body and all it's concepts, nor does being a veteran/professional bodybuilder make you all-knowing about the functions of anatomy and physiology.

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    soooo what lifts would help?
    Ask Rodja. I've answered these type of questions too many times on here and it's never short. Rodja might be more helpful, he knows his stuff and fights too.

  6. All power-type lifts/plyos help this. Training your type IIx fibers will help this along with appropriate technique. Along with the standard cleans, squats, presses, etc., implementing true power movements help this immensely. The biggest contributor, and this cannot be changed, is limb length, but short limbs does not necessarily=/KO power. Everyone loves to bring up Sean Sherk as an example of this, but his problem is his technique and not his build.

    Also, most trainers are so physiologically retarded that it's laughable. They have some right ideas, but most of them are very archaic.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

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    Wow, that's really innovative, and thanks for making a second post so that we could all witness you fully Hiroshima'ing. It makes me regret that I stopped posting here.

    Different people have different base levels of punching power. Robbie Lawler's is very high. Matt Hughes' is low. But you can definitely improve from this starting point, and some fighters are learning how to do it. Machida is an excellent example. Marquardt has shown big power improvements. Anderson is KOing people in one punch whereas before it was often with combos. Lil Nog has drastically improved in this area. The cutting edge camps like Black House and Zahabi/Jackson know how to do this.

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    Brilliant. You know they have weekend programs to help you get your GED.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by iron fists View Post
    Yeah their power has increased but these examples you give are more related to them understanding how to relly box and use footwork better while taking the angle away from their opponet and positioning themselves as being " down" on a fighter so that they can cut themoff as they engage and the opponents momentum of engagement is what provides the ko power more so than the punch that they lead into. What is hiroshima'ing it mean? My whole argument is that you gotta learn how to hit and just working your bodies physiology is not gona give you the kind of power that one would think...atleast not a practical manner as in you may beat the hell out of the bag and hit mits harder but it doesnt mean your gona hit with more power when you spare or fight. And it angers me that people try to denounces one's opinion or knowledge of something as if they are replying off of the top of their head and not looking up info to post as their own insight.
    This post makes more sense, but your original statement was "you're either born with it or you're not." Which I said wasn't true and I was addressing the underlying ability behind developing the power behind a KO punch, with the assumption that technique wasn't an issue, because the original question was inquiring about improving KO power, in terms of strength/power training.

    Technique is a whole another topic. You're adding new elements to your original statement, though relevant, they weren't part of your original statement I was addressing.

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    So let me guess then dr douche.. since you have your NSCA means you also must think you know more than the guys at westside barbell because you can look up the physiology in a book or on the net and they just do what works for them. And im in school around 30-35 hours a week working on my bachelors degree in transition to being an certified nurse anesthestist so i would have a difficult time making through a ged course on the weekends because im studying. maybe i can take a summer program.
    Respects to your nurse program, because I'm currently in one, too, but no, nurses learn more about anatomy and physiology in it's relation to health & disease and the functions of such down to it's cytology, but my kines degree went much further into athletic & physical development, also as detailed in terms of studying it down to it's micro level, but with the emphasis on their functions for a different purpose, "athletic development."

    Also, no I don't think I know more then everybody; the more I learn the more I realize just how much I don't know, but I did know enough to clarify what I read to be a fallacy, (whether mis-understood or not in your "original" statement).

  11. ok well im a quantum mechanics professor at yale just to falsely enter this **** swinging education pissing contest this argument is half retarted back muscles play a huge role in strike also jump squats are good lots of core fast twitch explosive lifting

  12. I didn't read your last post, but whatever you just wrote, just go with it. I've been on here long enough to not entertain internet one-up games for too long.


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