Firstly, Flash KO's (no me gusta )

The Manhoef/Lawler fight was a bit disappointing. It left me with the taste of old Chuck Lidell victories; out the blue, head down, arm flail KO. Of course it does speak to the power in Lawler's punch, so no discredit there, but Manhoef was really ripping into Lawler with some true dynamic striking and breaking him down; progressively "fighting" down and owning his opponent, then out the blue, a single shot destroys what appeared to be a superior MMA'ist, (in terms of dynamic & technical striking.) I realize it happens ALL THE TIME, and a powerful single KO threat is a legitimate talent, but those kind of pulled out the arse victories never sit well with me, but it is what it is.

Secondly, Nate frickin Diaz, wow. He is so damn well rounded. His boxing looked crisp when he was finishing off his opponent. A lot of fighters tend to go berzerk when they smell blood and aim for the fence in each shot, but he kept on throwing sharp combos up until the final blow, it was great.