my first muay thai lesson

  1. my first muay thai lesson

    well i started muay thai. its a club at my college so i thought i would give it a shot, several of them actually compete in mma so its not just a bunch of kids trying to teach stuff they know nothing about. but the bad thing is i broke my hand two weeks ago so i cant get into it to much. do any of you specialize in muay thai, if so is there any tips you can throw out there for me. thanks

  2. I fight MMA and my game is Muay thai and BJJ. I wouldn't really try and take tips from people other than at an academy especially just starting off, find a good place around you and get a good trainer that will put you through the basics and then through the more advanced once you get the basics down. [Much easier to learn that way]

  3. mt is alot of technique you really need a good trainer. I have been doing this mma thing for a long time i had my first pro fight over 10 years ago. I was in Eugene Jacksons training camp for his Jeremy Horn Fight in the UFC (that is pre zuffa dana) My original MT trainer was trained by javier vasquez (AKA head trainer) and I've also been trained by Fairtex and i can tell you the right instructor can really help alot.

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