Is Strikeforce still trying to "pad" Lashleys' record?

  1. Is Strikeforce still trying to "pad" Lashleys' record?

    I think its time they get a top Heavyweight against him, we all want to know if he can be as impressive as Lesnar(or maybe more?) but it seems like Strikeforce is hesitant to do that.

    Or do any of you think that Simms has a chance?

  2. Shuttling anyone along the same path as Lesnar is ultra-rare. I expect Lashley to win this fight easily, but he's still a developing prospect. Take out his notoriety from the WWE and he is another great amateur wrestler making a transition to MMA.
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  3. Yeah but he has some very great potential.

  4. I watched the fight last night. He didn't appear to be up to Lesnar's level yet. I'm not saying Lesnar is unbeatable....(just not by this guy).

  5. Holy **** wes sims got fat as ****.

  6. purelife1
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    Quote Originally Posted by ElectricPulse View Post
    Holy **** wes sims got fat as ****.
    you aint kidding.. you would think he would have at least bought a new pair of shorts to fight in..maybe 30lbs ago those fit him

  7. Wes Sims gotta be joking...

    Wth was the shape to which he showed up to the fight? Seriously? Does he just not give a **** about his "career" anymore?

  8. wow wes got fat. he trains with roid monkeys and looks like hes never liftied at all lol. he got worked and who cares if they pad his record. id rather he get more experience then get tossed in with the dogs and get ripped a new one.

  9. coker mentioned that Lashley will most likely meet Rogers next. That could be interesting
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  10. you should watch the post fight interview with Wes LOL they got it on cagepotato


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