Holding the cage.

  1. Holding the cage.

    I just have a quick question and its not worth joining a MMA forum over since you guys know jsut about everything anyway.

    I see on and off fighters getting told to "let go" of the cage when its their FEET on it.
    Is that illegal now or not? I see some ref make it a point to say let go with the feet but i have never seen a few say a word.

    Just curisosity.

  2. they get 1 or 2 warnings to why not do it. its instinct. better a little cage grabbing then gay ass ropes.

  3. I usually only hear the ref mention it when they use their hands to grab it. I am pretty sure u can use ur feet to push off the cage while on the ground.

  4. you def can use your feet.

  5. Ya I dont see using ur feet to hold the cage as very smart either. Unless u have some super human toe strength lol. More likely to break a toe then prevent anything.

  6. Feet on the cage is fine. Hands/Fingers are not.

  7. well i notcied one ref. I never remeber his name, younger, chubby, almost shaved head but can see he has dark hair. I think some arm tattoos.
    He ALWAYS says "feet off the cage!" and it is annoying cause i dont see having much advantage to doing so. Slight leverage but hardly.


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