Randy Couture vs Mark Coleman at UFC 109

  1. Randy Couture vs Mark Coleman at UFC 109

    Not a step up for Randy after his win against vera but will he be given a title fight if he beats Coleman?


  2. Quite the step down, actually, from the Vera fight...

    But then again, Couture didn't quite "win" the Vera fight... He mostly made sure to prevent Vera from Winning... Almost like the Clay Guida approach.

  3. I am sure he will get the title shot. Nothing like a retirement home fight.

  4. This is a going to be a great fight...10 years ago.

    I think this is actually sponsored by AARP and Depends.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. lol,yea i agree 10 years ago!

  6. coleman is def a step down for vera. randy will just out cardio coleman. i wonder when the 5 round fights will start back up. boring fight IMO


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