Welcome "The Darkness" Marcus Jones

  1. Welcome "The Darkness" Marcus Jones

    Any thoughts on Marcus Jones Performance on TUF?

  2. He will do alright untill he fights somebody that can actually put up some kind of offense.

    He's big and strong but doesn't really seem to have much in the way of fighting skill if you compare him to the talent that the UFC already has.

    Personally I would love to see Kimbo gain some skill, I think he's got the heart and will of a fighter but the age might play a role in him ever reaching his goal.

    Just my thought's.

  3. say what you will, it was a pretty sweet submission

    to be that big and still that light on your feet, it's a pretty rare talent

  4. meh I don't think he is terribly light on his feet but overall power is great and that armbar was pretty slick . There was no fumbling around for it , that sh!t was slapped on with the quickness . I'ma stick with B Schaub as my pick to win it . Oh and a friendly suggestion for the OP ; you should change the title to Big Baby instead of Darkness . With his demeanor it is just sooo fitting .

  5. Poor guy.... That was hard to watch

  6. Future of the HW divison. Pfft...

    He beat a guy with zero ground game and another one who fights at LHW.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  7. lol he got owned

  8. He is decent and will probably stick in the UFC for a bit. He can get better. Either way, I think Nelson is going to dominate Schaub.
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  9. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    He is decent and will probably stick in the UFC for a bit. He can get better. Either way, I think Nelson is going to dominate Schaub.
    i agree. I dont think schaub's a good fighter, honestly... If Marcus knew what he was doing and kept his mind in it that fight was his.

    I think Kimbo would own schaub =X

  10. Schaub trains with a lot of good guys and has good diet/training but he has only fought chumps on unknown cards, guys who were either old, fat, or both and all had losing records. Nelson has been mostly boring to watch and hes a fatass but hes still winning most of his fights and I think will probably win this one although it probably wont be that entertaining, it will be funny to see him win though and have Dana White give him a contract considering he annoys the **** outta Dana, lol.

  11. i think schaub looks pretty good but ya marcus couldnt seal the deal. he needed that serial killer instinct on him like he did with meathead.

  12. I think Marcus could be a decent factor in the HW division, IF he get's his stand up at least decent... He's got some good ground but 0 stand up.

  13. Big baby cant take a hit, game over.

  14. Marcus has a glass chin. After Meathead knocked him out his career in the UFC is over.

  15. hes too old, too slow, to weak(jaw) and doesnt have the fighter instinct. he only has an athletic one. hes a really cool guy and its good he really enjoys the sport but he got in it way to0 late. he will get dropped by any UFC fighter that didnt make it on by the TUF show. his stand up is terrible. head up hands out awkward footwork. hes done IMO ufc wont let him back.

  16. And as soon as we "welcome" big baby we say good bye lol.
    He is a cool guy and all but seriously he will get dropped by every UFC heavyweight if the fight stays standing.

  17. He is a monster with strength and take downs. Not very strong at keeping guys on the ground. He may have the weakest chin I have ever seen in any MMA event.

  18. dude his takedowns arnt even good at all. he went foir a couple really high takedowns against a guy who isnt even good at takedown defense. imagine him trying to take down a wrestler.

  19. Agreed. Technically he is not great. He is just a brute strength guy. If he got his hands on you, you were going down more often then not though.

  20. Has a chin made from fine crystal haha


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