Chuck vs. Tito III

  1. Chuck vs. Tito III

    Who do you think would win if these two guys threw down one last time? I think Ortiz would grind out a decision against chuck. Chucks so old and people know how to fight him now. Tito gets in great shape but might only have 1 fight before that after a long lay off. I don't think Chuck can afford to take this fight. His career is already over and a loss from tito would hurt him more than another loss to anyone else.

  2. I agree, I think tito would take it this time around, but man would I would get a big kick out of it if chuck knocks him out again lol
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  3. is this fight realistically being talked about? I would like to see it although I am pretty sure Tito might pull it off this time with time on his side and everything.

  4. Tito said he wants chuck after forrest. why does tito always fighht the same guys....

  5. Big money fights, thats what tito wants.
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  6. lol Tito will still lose, Tito cant knock anyone out cept an outdated Shamrock and Chucks only losses recently, besides the weird Jardine thing (which he lost since Keith knocked him down), come from getting KTFO. Chuck still has enough power to knock anyone out and his takedown defense is still amazing Tito cant take him down, Tito cant win a decision so instead Tito would have to TKO/KO him to win which even now I highly doubt. Thats the way I see it anyway.

  7. I would have to go with Tito but who knows how well he is doing. Cant wait to see Forest fight and not get toyed with like a lil child.

  8. I am hopeful that Tito is 100% but one never knows

  9. I hope he is 100% and still loses. Griffin needs a win really bad or he might run to strikeforce.

  10. Forrest has improved since their last fight, but what is truely in his favor is Tito's possible ring rust. I'm gonna go on a limb here and say Chuck still beats Tito in hypothetical match up.

  11. Tito just cant get over the fact that Chuck beat him not once but twice, both by knockouts. He is hoping that he can take this one out on a high note now that chuck has had a few bad matches. I hope if it does happen that Chuck knocks him out again.


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