Pat Barry on a maincard?

  1. Pat Barry on a maincard?

    Why can't Pat Barry more often get on a main card?

    I always watch his fights and they are always so much fun, yet seems like UFC in, UFC out he's always on the under card rather than the main one.

    I'd certainly love to see him on the primetime of main events.

    A shame if you ask me, he always has really exciting fights.

  2. His talent is undeniable and was on full display this weekend . That coupled with how emotional he got after his win will all but guarantee that he will get maincard placement in his next matchup . Most people (myself included) love seeing a good fight(which that was) and really enjoy seeing when a fighter cares so much about what they doing that they tear up .
    Not saying that the waterworks are always needed but it shows they give a sh!t and fight fans usually appreciate that .
    I would like to see him against maybe Todd Dufee , Gonzaga , or even Dos Santos in his next match .

  3. pat barry vs dufee, beast vs. man child

    as a matter of fact pat just recently finished a fight with leg kicks, unfortunately Cecil Peoples was too busy stuffin his fat face to see

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