Amir Sadollah vs. Phil Baroni PICKS

  1. Amir Sadollah vs. Phil Baroni PICKS

    Amir set to face Phil thoughts and predictions

  2. Amir because baroni is old and has no hormones left even tho he looked decent in strikeforce till he gassed

  3. LoL I definitly think its an interesting matchup

  4. amir's last fight after a huge lay off was lame. he was definatly hurt but not finished. the other guy did do a good job and prolly would have finished it tho.

  5. Baroni by KO

  6. who cares who wins lol

    phil might KO him if he lands anything before he needs a breather

  7. Honestly..I dont care who wins or even care to see the bout.. Amir has been out of the light and Phil is a never really has been.

  8. Amir wins by submission 2nd round.

  9. I give it to Baroni out of personal bias.

  10. I'll take Amir.


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