Matt Serra Returns to UFC Feb 6th

  1. Matt Serra Returns to UFC Feb 6th

    Matt Serra returns to the UFC Feb.6th I cant wait
    Any thoughts open for discussion.

  2. in 155 this time?

  3. Weight and opponent?

  4. The weight class and opponent have not been solidified yet

  5. I doubt he will go to 155 he likes to eat to much and it takes him a bit to cut and stay in shape at 170. Who knows though maybe he actually will. I wanna see him vs Twinkle Toes at 170 though, that would be a fun fight.

  6. Hes saying he wants Matt Hughs again,Im not sure of the likly hood of that scenareo

  7. If he doesn't drop to lightweight then he will continue to get beat at 170 .

  8. much talk about him dropping. we need some KO power down there haha. also i hate him and i hope to see hughes win the rematch with a tko or sub

  9. There last fight was really close, I thought Serra had him for a sec there, rocked hughes pretty hard, but Hughes is a resilient mother [email protected]#er!

  10. yeah not counting the illegal first blow i gave the fight to hughes serra did good tho. i hope hughes cant put him away tho it seems liek forever since hes beat someone. gracie lol

  11. I think he should retire.

  12. This should be interesting...


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