Thoughts on Vitor Belforts Comeback

  1. Thoughts on Vitor Belforts Comeback

    Vitor has always been one of my favorite competetors,ever since his first UFC fight.

    Thought this thread might interest all of you

  2. hes a really scrappy fighter, very talented too. franklin was lunchmeat though, I dont see vitor machinegun punching Anderson Silva to a KO. Im not sure that its the best idea to throw vitor against anderson so quickly. I personally would love to see vitor beast some losers in 205 (cough coleman cough) or some mediocres in 185 (some previous title contenders) to make sure hes up to game speed. I guess we'll see what happens

  3. I completely agree with you that Anderson Vitor fight is to me has the potential to be so great I think they should milk it for all its worth Just the idea that those two will meet......BRILLIANT

    And thanks for participating Big reps for your Avatar choice

  4. yea isnt that a gnarly picture of Fedor, complete with the bulky soviet diving watch

  5. Im also a big fan of Fedor,all the "UFC is the best" fans talk s**t about him
    not fighting Brock but in my opinion Brock has a long way to go in proving himself before Fedors handlers would even consider it.

  6. by the time people think brock will be ready fedor will be a little old and might have gotten rocked by then or if he loses then people will say well fedor in his prime would have won.

    also i really like vitor a lot. hes so fast and powerful. hes a lot smaller now due to age and no more bold200 hahah. i think he could beat A. silva but maybe not the first time. I think he will do great things and dominate especially if anderson leaves after his next defense. i think hendo is getting a lil too old for a rematch even tho he could do it UFC doesnt really want him too i dont think.

  7. Good news the drug test results for the Franklin Belfort fight were published everybody was clean.

  8. thats good but i wasnt scared at all. i dont think rich would risk it this late in his career because he wouldn't be able to recover from it and vitor wouldnt on his first fight back in UFC. it didnt look like vitor has been on jack sh!t for awhile. but then again neither did josh barnett hahaha

  9. Ha solid point!
    Just throwing the info out in case anyone cared and maybe wanted to comment

  10. im pretty sure most people are worried for stupid ass stuff like painkillers and directics(spell check) **** if guys like coleman cro cop and wandy ant using steroids in UFC i dont think any of these big names will. you might be able to catch a young guy trying to make it big but no old guys because ken shamrock is done haha

  11. Yeah Ken Shamrock no he was all natural all the time Te He TeHe
    There is just so much stuff that cant be detected or isnt tested for,who knows

  12. lol last time he tested pos it was for 3 things lmao!

    and i here that differ GH's not steroids can be much harder. im sure California labs will screw those up they are the worst haha

  13. Vitors first UFC fight at what 18-19 something like that is still one of my favorite highlights just amazing.

  14. was that the machinegun punches kinda like phil baroni on his juice days


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