I'll take a seizure for $20,000 please - UFC FN19

  1. Talking I'll take a seizure for $20,000 please - UFC FN19

    Fight night payouts of interest:

    Phillipe Nover: $20,000*
    vs. Sam Stout: $24,000*

    Shouldn't Sam Stout get some supernatural win bonus if they are gonna actually pay phillipe for making it to the locker room?

    Sam Stout 24,000 (100,000 Hadoken win bonus)

    too soon?

  2. Damn it now I am really mad I left early. Fack going and watching it with people u dont really know or like. I wish my buddy Chris had been there then I would have stuck around. Too many people who weren't into it and wouldnt shut their mouth.

  3. lol at both of you guys.

    i read that and was liek huh....damn? UFC does pay medical bills tho right? except tito.

  4. I was thinking this was part of 103s prelims where I left early bc the people werent into the fights and were talking about random crap.

  5. I don't know if they pay the low end fighters but they more or less did in this case. Fair enough I suppose. UFC knew the risk with this guy. Would have actually been a great fight possibly. Stout is awesome.

  6. what do you mean the risk? health risk or financial risk? was he unhealthy before or something? explain jess you confused me hahah. also dude sam stout vs spencer fisher! what a great kickboxer stout is for being in MMA its very fun. he wont ever get in the top 10 tho.

  7. He's not top 10 but still fun stand up skills. Phill had a seizure on the TUF season he was on... its hazy which one that was, but thats the risk I was speaking of. I think it was the first episode of that season.

  8. no? i think he was walknig around in vegas and was dehydrated fro mthe temp along with making sure he made weight.


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