UFC 103 (Swick out with injury)

  1. UFC 103 (Swick out with injury)

    From what I've read Kampman is fighting Paul Daley now. Should give it to Fitch IMO.

  2. Time wise makes more sense for Semtex since he was already on the card. 2 weeks isn't enough time for Fitch since he hasn't been training for a fight (and his weight gets very high).
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  3. This guy any good at the moment?

  4. well I guess Kampman will get the shot at GSP. Sorry Martin
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Jessep76 View Post
    This guy any good at the moment?
    Good, but not a top-10 fighter. Amazing stand-up, but limited ground skills.
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  6. Most wins by TKO but most losses by sub. Kampman might take advantage and blow through this guy.

  7. They should make Twinkle fight Daley and Kos/Kampman


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