"Big" John McCarthey's return

  1. "Big" John McCarthey's return

    just read that "Big" John McCarthey may be heading back into the octagon for UFC to officiate UFC 104 Machida vs. Shogun. thought you guys would like to kow

  2. I had seen him on Strikeforce shortly after his "retire". It would be good to have him back in the UFC though. Haven't heard that, but looking forward to it.

  3. last time i saw him was on MTVs bully beat bown..lol

  4. FuKC'n A do we need him back! some of these refs these days totally suck ballz. I hope hes still the same(he should be hes still been working other jobs) cant wait, good to know.

  5. I like watching him on Bully Beatdown I am not going to lie. They even have him on an aftershow type thing "breaking down" the "fight."

  6. hes very bright. he also wrote a book about MMA.


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