Official UFC102 Pick'em thread

  1. Official UFC102 Pick'em thread

    These are always fun , figured I start one up for tomorrow.

    Main card is as follows-

    Randy Couture vs Antonio Rodrigo Noguera
    Nate Marquardt vs Demian Maia
    Kieth Jardine vs Thiago Silva
    Brandon Vera vs Krzysztof Soszynski
    Chris Leben vs Jake Rosholt

    I'll take Couture-Marquardt-Silva-Soszynski-Leben

  2. Couture by UD
    Marquardt by tko rd 2
    Jardine by UD
    Vera by tko rd 3
    Leben by ko end rd 1

  3. Main Bouts:
    Randy Couture 2nd round TKO.
    -Keith Jardine UD
    -Nate Marquardt 2nd R TKO
    -Krzysztof Soszynski (205) vs. Brandon Vera (205) umm I have no clue, I like them both.
    Chris Leben UD (playin it safe cuz his losses)

    Preliminary Bouts:
    -Ed Herman 3rd round submission
    -Gabe Gonzaga 1st round submission
    Justin McCully UD
    -Tim Hague UD
    -Nick Catone 3rd round TKO
    -Marcus Aurelio 3rd round sub.

  4. Randy Couture dec
    Nate Marquardt ko round 1
    Thiago Silva ko round 1
    Brandon Vera round 2 gnp
    jake Rosholt dec

  5. Couture-Maia-Silva-Soszynski-Leben

  6. I'll buck the trend and say;

    Nog, Maia, Silva, Soz & Rosholt.

  7. Randy Couture vs Antonio Rodrigo Noguera TKO 2nd
    Nate Marquardt vs Demian Maia UD
    Kieth Jardine vs Thiago SilvaKO 1st
    Brandon VeraTKO 2nd vs Krzysztof Soszynski
    Chris Leben KO 3rd vs Jake Rosholt


  8. some of your guys choices surprise me. i think big nog is washed up and maia has no stand up at all. who knows tho.

  9. damn i got owned. all the Oregon fighters got owned aswell. pretty good fights and great KO's! I was happy i wish randy won he looked slow.

  10. Damn silva and nog killed me, but I think Maia needs to move down, he could do very well @ 170

  11. his striking ahhh hahha. yeah i wanted jardine to win but i also like when jacksons camp loses sometimes, he gets ****y. also im sad randy lost he was to slow. i think cain and carwin would destroy nog. just to fast or strong.

  12. Won some nice money on UFC 102.

    IMHO Nog was a sure thing. He was absolutely wiped out with injuries when he fought Mir. Always good to bed against Randy these days, everyone likes him so much they throw $$$ at him so you always get good odds.

    Marquart's knock out of Maia was awesome. Duffee also looked great for the 7 seconds his fight lasted for.

  13. well if you wanna keep this going we should get a point system ie. winner/round/method.
    Total of three points per fight Decisions are worth 2 points.
    If not i likely will, did pretty well, except forgot how good nogs chin is.

  14. his chin is pretty good still gets rocked. randy jsut has zero power left.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by bigwhiteguy29 View Post
    his chin is pretty good still gets rocked. randy jsut has zero power left.
    Don't think power is Randy's problem. It's his speed that's letting him down. His reactions nowadays are nowhere near where they were once upon a time. When it comes to a test of strength though he can still hold his own - look at how he stuffed the multiple deep submission attempts in his fight with Nog.

    He'll never be a champion again but he should be good for some marquee fights in the next 24 months, if he doesn't retire before his contract is up.

  16. he has good strength against the cage and stuff but not in his punches. he never did have great KO power. some of his punches like against tim silvia(suspect jaw) were right on the botton. all his other fights were ground and pound and TKO stoppage. his reactions were very slow(chuck lidell like)

  17. Think what Randy needs is to add another dimension to his style. Nobody would expect him to start throwing headkicks for instance.

  18. yeah he didnt even really land good takedowns. all his takedowns were very high.


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