Mark Kerr vs King Mo tonight....Done Frye is out

  1. Mark Kerr vs King Mo tonight....Done Frye is out

    If you've been watching MMA for as long as I have, you can't help but have a place in your heart for Mark Kerr. To watch that guy go from the most feared man in MMA to the self-destructive man he became, was hard to watch. Michael Schiavello told me about this and at first I was like, "oh please god not another embarrassment". Especially considering that King Mo is quite a beast himself. But Michael said that Mark actually looks in half-decent shape and he talked to him for a while. Kerr told him that his past performances have been "disgusting" to him and the fans, and he wants to change that image of himself. I really hope he is dead serious and is in decent shape like Michael said. I would love to see Kerr make a comeback and start cleaning house again like he used to. BTW, the fight is on tonight on HDNET.

  2. God he's gonna get beat down.

  3. you guys should watch "the smashing machine" on youtube, its a documentary about kerr. some great intense footage. shooting painkillers in his veins, upclose footage of pride fights, coleman roid raging, etc. Mo should definitely beat him up though, too much speed and skill + great wrestling.

  4. Any Kerr fan should have already seen that movie, and all true MMA fans should watch it really is a great documentary.

  5. God that "fight" was pathetic. Kerr is a pioneer and I give him props for that but he doesnt have any heart anymore. And hes fat as ****. Never again.

  6. Come on you need to watch a little closer: after the takedown Mo's head gets caught under Kerr's left arm and he basically puts a kimora on him with his head. then he slams him and that ripped the shoulder out, when they play it in slow motion you can clearly see that happening. Mo can toss anyone so Mark didnt really have a chance

  7. kerr took the fight at very short notice, he reckons that after this hes going to get back on track... we'll see

  8. He's been done for years. Everyone still pulls for him, but he'll always remain an enigma and a huge waste of potential.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  9. I'm just glad this was free of charge. Gegard seems to have a boner for Fedor.


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